There are always minimum two teachers working together with the children at the same time to be able to differentiate according to individual needs. (The ratio is 6 children-1 teacher.)

Weekly topics

We cover different weekly topics, which can be season, holiday or story based. We also use topics, related to children’s interest just like dinosaurs, space, indians, pirates, faires, mini beasts, pets, Santa’s workshop etc.
We learn songs, nursery rhymes, read stories, cook, go out for visits, create things, change the role play area connected to our relevant topic.


We have our own swimming-pool and gym just next door.

We offer:

Seasonal sport activities:

Families are welcome to join us.

Other activities:

Relationship with parents

Involving parents to our nursery life is very important for us. Coffee afternoons, parents evenings, camps and trips are organised to build up better relationship.
We ask parents to volunteer to help with cooking, art and craft activities or preparing for special events eg. Christmas, Farsang.

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