Our aim is to provide quality education in a warm and relaxed English speaking environment, where children feel safe and at ease learning a second language as naturally as their mother tongue.

All the teachers communicate with the children and each other in English. Preparation for entrance to Hungarian school is also available in Hungarian. We adapted the "Step by step"(Pamela A. Coughlin) educational programme to suit the requirements of our Nursery. Our programme offers education through play in our 7 challenging activity centers.

Activity centers:

  1. 1.Role play area (drama, cooking)
  2. 2.Creative area (art and craft, modelling)
  3. 3.Construction area (building, mini world)
  4. 4.Sand and water area (experimenting)
  5. 5.Language and literacy area (circle time, music, book corner, story area)
  6. 6."Hands on" activity center( board games, puzzles, manipulative activities, numeracy, problem solving)
  7. 7.Environmental area (garden, outside)

Children between 2.5-4 years benefit the most from different types of free activities. In our Nursery they can chose to play in any of the play centers. There are compulsory school preparatory activities for older children (5-7) to be able to improve their prewriting, language and problem solving skills. We always make sure they have enough opportunities to play too. Academics are never forced, they stem naturally from children's curiosity about the world with the combination of proper motivation.

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