Then Dolphin English Sport Nursery is the place for your child.

Research has shown the effectivness of doing sports and acquiring a second language at an early age. We belive that sport improves stamina, coordination, fine and gross motor skills, which help children to become active learners.
We also belive that the easiest way to learn English at early childhood, when children are uninhibited and their speech organs are flexible.
We are offering a friendly and motivating English speaking atmosphere with a dedicated and qualified teaching staff to that.

Our nursery is open to all children between the age of 2.5-7. The language of instruction is English. Hungarian school preparation sessions are also available.

One of the advantages of our nursery is that we offer several, interesting activities to your child in one place.
You do not have to rush with your little one/s to different after school classes, which saves you time to spend together.

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